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Who is eligible to apply?

Is there any flexibility in these terms? Can a provider negotiate individual terms?

How long does the application process take?

How long is the pricing commitment I have to make?

Our product is free. Should I still apply?

Can I save my application and come back to it?

Is there a fee for application or successful applicants?

Any software, app, game or educational technology provider is eligible to apply and seek approval to join the UNC Learning Technology Commons. Given current purchasing requirements, we expect product companies who have offerings that can be purchased, in part or in whole, for less than $25,000 per year will benefit most from expedited approvals. Local campus purchasing requirements remain in effect.

No. The process is free and designed to lower costs for all parties.


The process was designed to take vendors less than 20 minutes to complete.  For vendors that have already claimed their profile on the LearnTrials platform - the infrastructure partner for the Commons - the process should be even quicker.  Additionally, the overall goal is to streamline the purchasing process by 75% every time a faculty member moves forward with a purchase. Note, some questions may require additional time away from the application, such as legal review of standardized terms and conditions, which are not calculated in the application process.

Yes. Free products that are approved will also be visible in the Learning Technology Commons, and are subject to the same terms & conditions.

The standardized terms and conditions were designed with providers, purchasing directors, and legal counsels to be inclusive, safe, and consistent across all our campuses. The terms reflect relevant North Carolina and Federal law that would be required by any contract for these types of purchases at UNC. Providers may ask questions during the process, but for fairness we are unable to change the standard Terms and Conditions for any provider.

The pricing commitment for new purchases is one year. There will be an opportunity, not less than annually, to update pricing for new purchases. For purchases made during this pricing commitment, the terms and conditions cap annual adjustments for renewals, if applicable.

What are the benefits for vendors?

The Learning Technology Commons was designed with input from faculty, ed tech providers, lawyers and purchasing directors to streamline and modernize access and purchasing of ed tech. Providers can expect:


  • Increased visibility among the 20,000 faculty (all of whom will be invited to the Commons) serving 225,000 students on 17 campuses and online;

  • Published inclusion in the UNC Learning Technology Commons, making it clear to ed tech buyers across the UNC system that your company has accepted our standard Terms and Conditions, which will...

  • Streamline the purchasing process and reduce the lead time to close a deal with faculty and staff on our campuses by up to 75%;

  • Valuable learning from faculty users who share what’s working for their needs and offer feedback on products.

The UNC Learning Technology Commons is built on the LearnTrials platform – a research-based, online ed tech management system designed by, with and for educators and their service providers. LearnTrials is used by thousands of educators and their institutions to discover and manage over 4,000 products. providers may to take advantage of other benefits through the LearnTrials platform by claiming their profile during the application process.

My product is focused on the K-12 education sector – should I still apply?

Yes. The UNC system includes two high schools, the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics and the UNC School of the Arts High School. Both are active users of K-12 ed tech. In addition, the UNC system graduates thousands of K-12 teachers each year, and provides professional development for many more. Student teachers are often introduced to K-12 ed tech tools through their training.

Our product has different pricing depending on size or scope. Does the application allow us to show discount options or bulk pricing?

Yes. Providers are asked to provide UNC, through the Learning Technology Commons, with the most competitive pricing possible, as we know price is a major factor in purchases by faculty and departments. Providers should take into consideration the benefits of inclusion in the Commons that include lower costs through a streamlined purchasing process (elimination of repeated legal costs in negotiating terms with each campus), and greater market access and visibility by 20,000 faculty members across 17 campuses.

No. Pricing information is shared only within the password-protected Commons. It will not be broadly advertised, nor will it be shared among providers. (The University must, however, comply with applicable laws related to public records requests.)

Is the pricing provided to UNC made publicly available?

Providers who are not included in the Commons – either by not completing the application or by not meeting the standards set by the University – may still do business with UNC constituent institutions on a bilateral basis. We anticipate this will be an annual competition. Those who are not selected may re-apply in 2017.

What are the implications of not being selected?

If a provider is already in use by some UNC faculty, should we apply?

Yes. Joining the Learning Technology Commons will help you reach a wider community of faculty users across the UNC system. It will allow your current users in the UNC system to share their experience with your products with their colleagues across the system. This will support collaboration among faculty and allow you to benefit from the existing usage and relationships you have built in North Carolina.


Provider conference calls are scheduled for February 18, 3-4 PM Eastern, February 25, 11:30-12:30 Eastern & March 1, 11:30-12:30 Eastern. This may be accessed via Zoom by clicking here. Calls will be recorded and the recordings will be posted below. Based on need, UNC may schedule additional calls. Timing will be published here.

Will there be an opportunity for providers to ask questions?

Yes. There is a mechanism for questions within the application. We will keep this FAQ updated on a biweekly basis until the Commons applications close on March 18. The platform includes online technical support via chat.

Can a provider ask questions about the application or terms & conditions?

For technical support, please email support@learntrials.com or click on the “Support” button on any page in the Commons.

Who can I contact for support?